DIY personal storytelling through film

Samstag - 14. Juli - 13:00 bis 17:00

DIY personal storytelling through film

This workshop is for people who have stories to tell that have been shut down or shut out by the mainstream. The main language of the workshop will be in English, but translation will be made to German when needed.
DIY (do-it-yourself) is more than just fixing your own bike or doing your own home repairs. It is also a movement of people (like punk and riot-grrrl) who take control of their own representation through the self-creation and self-publishing of their own music, films, literature, etc. - without support, judgment, censorship, or manipulation from mainstream sources of funding or sponsorship (like academic institutions, production companies or record labels).
Creating art through one's own methods and capacities can support someone to feel more empowered by sharing their voice, their opinions, their experiences in a world that shuts them out and discriminates against them.

Please come to the workshop with:
* your idea(s) for a film
* your own camera (or your phone if that's all you have)
* and other gear you have access to (for sound recording or editing)

During the workshop we'll watch some films and then workshop the ideas the participants have, giving each other feedback to support the planning of the production. The facilitator will introduce the participants to basic concepts of planning a film shoot, cinematography, lighting, and sound recording, and how to get the shots they need, and edit on the devices they have.

The Workshop is held by Juli Saragosa who is a transnational interdisciplinary filmmaker.

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